The website or application you are trying to reach has been set in maintenance mode. This means that you will not be able to reach the application. Please be patient while we work on this unfortunate happening.

Why am I here?

What happened?

A lot of abuse was being experienced on IRC networks and this is something that we will not allow. Since we can't block individual users, we decided to bring WSIRC offline for the time being. WSIRC was offering a plugin-free http-to-irc chat ability, irregardless of what IRC network you were trying to connect. WSIRC also offered users the ability to chose whatever network they desired. One big issue this option had, was that WSIRC became an anonymous proxy on those networks that were not verified, leading WSIRC to serve as a spam & abuse gateway for some. Due to the behaviour of a small few, we had to take the application offline. We will be coming back, unfortunatly without the option to pick whatever IRC network you'd like. IRC networks will have to be verified first.