WSIRC - Version 2.0 (beta) (In transition!)

Attention! Please note that we're currently in a transition phase with the wsirc project. We're moving to a different server and at the same time optimizing some backend automated processes. This means that the wsirc service may be unavailable temporary while maintenance is being done. Please bear with us and we do apologize for the invonveniece caused.
Server list:
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This is a work in progress. Not all features of the previous version of wsirc have been yet ported. However the new system should be more stable and runs now on node.js / which means lower network requirements as well as lower latency and hopefully better stability.

What is wsirc:
WsIRC is a web irc client, fast, reliable, and offers most if not all the features you would expect from a standalone irc client. It is free to use embedded inside your website.

Integrate WsIRC:
Integrate WsIRC within your web page or site with out tool: wsirc integration.

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